10 ways to protect from mouth odor

The problem of a lot of people's halitosis is that it disturbs both itself and its surroundings. As well as the result of the food that is eaten by the smell of mouth and some diseases can be a harbinger of Anatolian Health Center dentist Alper Çıldir, has made important advice to get rid of the smell of mouth. 

Protect your teeth and gout! Tooth decay and gingival inflammations are important causes of oral odor. The infection in the mouth always causes the smell of the mouth because it increases bacterial growth. For this reason, dental health and care should be given importance. It is very important to regularly brush teeth and use mouthwash at least twice a day. Gingival health is also very important. The dentist's health should be checked at least twice a year as regular dentist control.
Check the dentures and bridges in your mouth! Obsolete bridges and dentums in the mouth can cause bad odors by causing food to accumulate over time. Therefore, to periodically check the prostheses and bridges; Change what needs to be renewed, necessary treatments for the locations of the missing teeth.
Chew Gum! Increasing the speed of saliva flow is one of the most powerful ways to fight mouth odor. The easiest way to increase the speed of saliva flow is to chew the appropriate gum. In some diseases such as diabetes, the dryness of the mouth that occurs as a side effect of many drugs causes the smell of the mouth. Chewing sugar-free gum helps your mouth cleanse by increasing your saliva epidemic. There are powerful enzymes, powerful bacterial-killer antibiotics that can tear food particles out of the gum and send them to the stomach. But instead of peppermint candies and sweet gum, the gummy that contains xylitol can help with that. Sugar gum should not be consumed because it can cause tooth decay.
For more water! It is a condition that should be considered in many ways, especially with age-increasing body drying. Drinking a lot of water can be used as an important weapon in combating the halitosis by preventing the drying of your tongue in addition to dozens of other benefits.
Don't sleep with your nose blocked! Airway ailments such as sinusitis and other conditions that cause nasal obstruction cause us to breathe in the mouth at night. This condition creates an ideal environment for bacteria to breed by drying the mouth and throat. Decreased saliva secreation makes the situation worse. Therefore, it should be careful not to sleep with the nose obstruced.
Reduce the consumption of simple candies! All ready-made foods sweetened with white flour, white sugar, glucose/fructose syrup are the treasure for bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria multiply rapidly using such sugars. Simple sugars (such as the snack in all sugary foods) cause tooth decay.
Chew the Marshmalts well! Good chewing of donuts reduces the likelihood of mixing food with saliva secretions thoroughly and staying part of the meal in the mouth. More chewing action helps to get the bacteria away from the stomach.
Consume Cheese and cinnamon! Consume products such as cheese that will turn the acidic environment in the mouth after meals to basic. This plays an important role in preventing both halitosis and preventing caries. Also, using cinnamon in your beverages and proper food helps to eliminate the smell of the mouth. Cinnamon is an important weapon in the fight against intraoral bacteria. If you have cinnamon sugar-free gum, it could be an appropriate suggestion.
Use Floss! Thanks to dental floss, bacteria and food residues in places where the brush cannot be removed are disassembled. Especially in confined areas between the dental trunks, leftovers can cause rapid bacterial proliferate.
Don't smoke! Smoking causes mouth odor, causing mouth dryness. It also prepares the ground for gum diseases, which is another cause of halitosis.