Where is Alexandria Lighthouse?

One of the seven Wonders of the World, Alexandria Lighthouse is located in Alexandria, Egypt. Alexandria is the second largest city on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt.

The city of Alexandria was discovered and founded by the Alexander Great on 382 B.C. The city is named after the Alexander Great, who is also the founder.

The city is known for its large library, which is located outside the structure of the Seven Wonders of the world called Alexandria Lighthouse. Alexandria is a very important city in terms of tourism nowadays.

History of Alexandria Lighthouse:

The founder of the city of Alexandria, Alexander the Great, had to change the land of Egypt after losing his life. Then, the people living in the region have significantly increased their trade activities with the Greeks. For this reason, a very large lighthouse was needed.

This is the very glorious history of the lighthouse in Alexandria thus began. The construction of this great lighthouse began in the time of Batlamyus.

Since the lighthouse of Alexandria was large, it could not be finished during the period of Batlamyus and the construction of the lantern was completed after the reign of the son of Batlamyus began.

After the destruction of the lighthouse with many natural disasters occurred in 1408, the Sultan of Mamluk, the record of the lighthouse, built a fortress in this region.